Your gas bills are set to increase!!!

Energy supplier price increases plus VAT increase too.

In some cases this can be an extra £300.00 per year!

What can you do to save money on your future gas bills?

One effective way is to simply have a wireless room thermostat fitted by A+R Central Heating Experts

If you don’t have room thermostat fitted in your home, or you are relying on thermostatic radiator valves;

  1. Your boiler may be over running and burning more gas than necessary because there is inadequate room temperature control in place.
  2. You are therefore paying too much money to your energy supplier.
  3. Your boiler CO2 emissions are higher and adding to global warming which is harmful to our planet.

Should A+R Central Heating Experts install a wireless room thermostat in your home, the potential saving on your gas bills can pay for the installation costs